The Dutch Frontier Restaurant is in the restored Mitchell & Richardson General Store building (circa 1905), which served the farming community of Dutch Corners. The town was founded by four Dutchmen who dug a common well where the four adjoining corners of their homesteads met. When the Southern Pacific Railroad came through in 1888, Dutch Corners was shortened to Ducor, taking the "Du" from Dutch and the "Cor" from Corners.

The town of Ducor grew as the result of a real estate boom that started in 1907, when excursions were run into the county from Southern California. In 1909 the Ducor Land Company bought what is now the town site of Ducor . Two churches, a bank, depot, livery stable, saloon, meat market, feed store, a two-story wooden schoolhouse, and a jail were built, along with a lovely hotel to accommodate visitors on their way to and from California Hot Springs, as well as people who came on real estate excursions. A busy community grew and today Ducor is surrounded by large grain farms, cattle ranches, citrus orchards and vineyards.

Beginning as a lifelong dream in 1963, George Galusha purchased the former Mitchell & Richardson General Store, which earlier was known as the Ducor Mercantile Co. and Post Office. George and his son, Winston "Buddy," restored and remodeled the condemned building, opening on September 1, 1965, as the Dutch Frontier Restaurant. Family owned and operated by the Galusha family throughout the years, Buddy has skillfully blended the historic past and the modern future in this unique and elegant restaurant.

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