Dinner includes sourdough rolls served with Land ‘O Lakes butter produced by our local dairy families; French onion soup garnished with croutons and Sonoma jack cheese; a crisp romaine salad with your choice of homemade creamy bleu cheese, ranch, thousand island, Italian oil and vinaigrette, or our house specialty -- a combination of dry, grated bleu cheese and Italian oil and vinaigrette; a puffed pastry shell with Haagen-Dazs raspberry sorbet as a palate cleanser; an Idaho baked potato served with butter, sour cream, and chives.



               NEW YORK 16 oz $80
                RIB EYE 16 oz $80
            FILET MIGNON 10 oz $80
      COLORADO LAMB CHOPS 16 oz $80
        MAINE LOBSTER TAIL 7 oz $90




8 oz $60